Most Beautiful Places in Stockholm

Most Beautiful Places in Stockholm

Although the word ‘city’ isn’t always synonymous with beauty, Sweden’s capital is full of captivating architectural gems and glorious natural havens. Stockholm is surrounded by water and made up of several islands and islets. Add to this a plethora of well-preserved buildings in a broad range of architectural styles and there you have it: a striking city that will have you whipping out your camera at every turn. If you’re searching for the city’s most exquisite spots, charming atmospheres and stunning structures, read on for our list of the most beautiful places in Stockholm.

  1. Gamla Stan
  2. The Royal Palace
  3. Nackareservatet
  4. Stockholm Archipelago
  5. Djurgården


The Streets of Gamla Stan

Stockholm’s medieval old town (Gamla Stan) is a colourful maze of cobbled streets and intriguing architecture, most of which dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Gamla Stan officially includes Stadsholmen island along with the islets of Riddarholmen, Helgeandsholmen and Strömsborg, and until 1980 it was aptly known as Staden Mellan Broarna (the ‘Town Between the Bridges’). To snap the old town’s iconic brightly coloured buildings, head to Stortorget square – the oldest square in Stockholm – for a wander before settling down on a nearby terrace for coffee and a kanelbulle (traditional cinnamon roll). Beyond the central square, Gamla Stan’s architecture is no less worthy of your attention. The vast and ornate Medeltidsmuseet (Museum of Medieval Stockholm), the Baroque and Gothic Storykyrkan (royal cathedral) and Helegeandsholmen’s Parliament House are just some of the beautiful buildings you’ll come across on a stroll through the old town’s streets.


The Royal Palace

Sweden’s Royal Palace is also located in Gamla Stan, but we think it deserves its own spot on our list of the most beautiful places in Stockholm. This is the official residence of the Swedish king, and although he moved to his private residence, Drottningholm Palace, in 1981, the Royal Palace is still where His Majesty performs official, ceremonial and constitutional duties as Head of State. With 600 rooms and 11 floors, this is one of Europe’s largest palaces. It’s built in Baroque style, and many of the craftsmen who worked on it also helped to complete France’s iconic Palace of Versailles. Decorated with gilded columns, glittering chandeliers and intricately-painted ceilings, the palace’s rooms and galleries are simply spectacular. King Karl XI’s Gallery, located in the State Apartments, is used for the Nobel banquet, and closely resembles Versailles’ sparkling Hall of Mirrors. The striking stone galleries showcase Gustav III’s impressive collection of sculptures, while the Royal Chapel (slottskyrkan) is full of masterful artwork, Corinthian columns and shining golden details.

Nacka Reserve


The Landscape of Nackareservatet

Escape the buzz of the city to explore grassy meadows, dappled woodland pathways and lakes glistening in the white sunlight. Nackareservatet is one of Stockholm’s largest nature reserves, and is the perfect picturesque place for walking, canoeing, cycling, swimming, fishing and looking out for local plants and animals. In the winter, it’s covered in a thick blanket of snow, adding another layer of magic to an already stunning space. The heart of the reserve, Hellasgården, is technically located in the Nacka municipality. Here, you’ll find tennis courts, golf courses and organised activity options such as foraging. Part of one of Sweden’s longest and most famous hiking trails, Sörmlandsleden, also runs through the reserve, leading you through the forest and by Ulvjsön lake.


The Islands of Stockholm Archipelago

Moments from the city of Stockholm lie tens of thousands of islands waiting to be explored. The Stockholm Archipelago is a collection of 30,000 islands, islets and reefs, some of which boast sandy beaches, others rugged cliffs. Natural beauty is all around here, to be enjoyed as you’re riding horses through wildflower meadows or taking in the fluorescent sunset during a quiet canoe ride. Some islands are well-suited to day trips, such as Vaxholm, which is often referred to as the capital of the Stockholm archipelago and is just a 40-minute drive from Stockholm centre. With a quaint small-town atmosphere and a charming collection of cafés, restaurants and shops, it’s the perfect day trip destination. Others are located further afield, lending themselves better to multi-day adventures for getting in touch with nature, whether that’s through intense sporting activities or simply lazing on the sand until the sun goes down.

Stockholm Archipelago


The Green Spaces of Djurgården

Surrounded by tranquil waters, Djurgården is a popular island in the heart of Stockholm. Djurgården is worth visiting for its museums alone, which include the ABBA Museum, Vasa Museum and Skansen (the world’s first open-air museum). But before you get too distracted by all that history and culture, remember that there’s so much natural beauty to discover here too. At Royal Djurgården, otherwise known as the Royal National City Park, you can wander beside the water, enjoy a picnic surrounded by plants, and take in the colours of the season: the pastels of spring blossom, the vibrant flowers of summer, the gold of autumn leaves or the icy brilliance of winter. Rosendals Trädgård is another beautiful spot in Djurgården, a free public park and garden with a shop, café and bakery. The garden is run by a non-profit foundation and is focused on organic growing and biodiversity. Bring a book to read at a secluded table amidst the apple trees, or take a stroll through the romantic rose garden, which is home to around 100 types of rose. When you’ve finished exploring, don’t forget to stop at Rosendals Trädgård’s excellent bakery for a pastry or two.

Header Image by Natalia Kurzova/Everest/stock.adobe.com