Madhya Pradesh: Patrolling Tiger Country

Madhya Pradesh: Patrolling Tiger Country

If you're a wildlife enthusiast seeking a truly original holiday experience, then the recently revived opportunity to patrol India's tiger country on foot will appeal.


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We're now able to take people on foot on a walking safari through the core zones of the national parks in Central India in Madhya Pradesh. Parties can now accompany the forest guards on their patrols through the jungle, accompanied by naturalists who can talk through the most intimate parts of the surrounding nature. Whilst it's great fun hurtling around in a jeep, nothing beats the intensity of getting this up close and personal.


Madhya Pradesh

Walking has been banned since the 1970s, and finally the parks have waded through the bureaucracy to bring it back in. The forest guards' mission is to patrol the jungle to find traps and snares set out by poachers - the walking visitors also add extra eyes to help tackle this growing problem.


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