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Introducing 'Around the World in Travel Stories'

Introducing 'Around the World in Travel Stories'

You know the moment on a holiday when you just think - 'THIS is what it's all about'. That moment when the stresses and strains of work and reality slip away and you truly feel you're away from it all?... We have chosen our favourite things from around the world.


Circumnavigating the globe

Well, we at Original Travel have spent the last nine years circumnavigating the globe finding and experiencing just those sensations for ourselves, and now we've put them together into our inaugural 'Around the World in Travel Stories' list. This is also proving a lovely opportunity to recognise some of the amazing destinations we know and love around the world. After all, we've (blush) won plenty of awards in our time, so now it's time to recognise some of the places that make our clients so darned happy.


Shamelessly subjective

As with any self-respecting list, there's absolutely no scientific basis to the choices we've made. It's all shamelessly subjective, but as a nod to list etiquette we have tried to break the Senses down into eight sub-categories, namely Sensations, Sounds, Smells, Sights, Tastes, Touches, People and finally Places, and we think these represent a pretty good collection of our favourite things from our extensive travels.


Winners announced at Xmas

We'll be listing this year's Travel Stories (in no particular order) between now and Christmas, so keep an eye out for new entries here on the blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Come Christmas we'll announce the winners of the individual categories and the - suitably arbitrary - choice of our favourite Sense from around the world. And don't forget that we've experienced and enjoyed every one of these ourselves, and are on the end of the line to discuss how you can experience them all too.