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How Will You Travel in 2022?

How Will You Travel in 2022?

With the new year underway, we’ve been thinking about what the next year holds for travel. While winter has seen a slight tightening of restrictions, we’re confident that the world will continue opening up this year and travel will make its long-awaited comeback (especially after last week's announcement that pre-departure travel tests will be scrapped). While that day can’t come soon enough, we’re mindful that travelling in a sustainable way is crucial. As a company of travel lovers, we’re always thinking about ways we can make the world a better place through travel, from our carbon absorption commitments (we absorb 100% of the carbon footprint generated by our client and staff flights and ground transportation) to our ‘Travel Less, Travel Better’ philosophy that means everything from spending longer in destinations, to dedicating part of your holiday to philanthropic experiences that support local communities. So this New Year, our travel resolution is simple: To continue designing holidays that are a force for good in the world. What are your travel resolutions? Perhaps you want to travel more slowly, stay in destinations longer or add in some eco activities to your itinerary. Read on for some inspiration for how to travel in 2022...



If you want to go greener when you travel in 2022, we can recommend the best eco experiences to add to your itinerary. In the USA – the ultimate road trip territory - you can rent an electric car for an epic adventure. Cruise along the iconic Route 66 from The Great Lakes to the shores of California’s Pacific Coast; soak up stunning scenery as you drive along the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles on Highway One; or head into the deep south for a tour of New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and beyond. Over in the Maldives, you can learn about (and sponsor) projects which are designed to restore corals which are vital for food provision, shoreline protection and tourism revenue. Or in Italy's Abruzzo National Park, accompanied by a local guide, you can observe wolves and Mariscan brown bears in their natural habitat and learn about how they are being protected.



Swap short-haul flights for slower-paced travel in 2022. Head to Greece for an island-hopping holiday around lesser-known spots, such as the sleepy islands of Sifnos and Milos in the Cyclades archipelago; enjoy an elegant cruise along the Nile aboard our boat, the Steam Ship Sudan; trek through Thailand’s remote hills with stays in rustic lodges along the way; or reconnect with the great outdoors as you go walking, fishing and horse riding while staying on an Argentinian estancia.



We’re big advocates of authentic travel experiences that provide a deeper understanding of a destination. In India, you could learn to cook a traditional curry and then dine alongside a local family; experience the infectious energy of a salsa dance class in Havana; or head off on a safari in Portugal’s Faia Brava National Park accompanied by a local wildlife photographer who can bring the landscapes to life.



If you’re holding off holidaying for now, why not plan a bigger bucket-list-sized trip for late in the year or in 2023? Venture into the jungles of Rwanda or Uganda to see gorillas and chimpanzees up close; set off on a grand tour of Indochina's ancient sites and natural wonders; enjoy husky sledding adventures in Swedish Lapland – a destination magical enough to make you believe in Father Christmas again; or cruise deep into the Amazon rainforest in Peru.



There are some countries that are so diverse, only a longer sabbatical-style trip will do. Take the time to really experience everything Mexico has to offer – from its buzzing cities and blissful beaches to its ancient ruins and mysterious cenotes; tour India’s extraordinary palaces and serene natural landscapes; and take a tour of Europe’s finest on a luxurious three-month Mediterranean sabbatical which takes you from the mountains of northwestern Greece and the glittering Italian Lakes to the stunning Swiss Alps and peaceful Champagne region.



There are so many ways to travel better. Support female-led businesses and feast on delicious local cuisine in the lesser-known parts of Swedish Lapland; stay in friendly family-run hotels in Colombia - a fabulous destination which is still relatively under the radar compared to the continent’s big hitters such as Peru and Argentina; or go off the beaten track in Sri Lanka and southern Laos.