Best Beaches in Montenegro

Best Beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro is mostly mountain. Its lung-busting inclines and craggy cliff tops dominate the landscape, but what goes up must come down, and Montenegro’s expanses of sun-kissed sand are like pots of gold at the end of a rocky rainbow. Tucked between ancient, fortified towns and towering fjords lie tiny, twinkling coves filled with caster-sugar sand that is lapped by the bluer-than-blue waters of the Adriatic. Whether you’re soaking up the sunbeams on a pocket of honey-hued sand after a day of exploring or venturing down into a diving dreamscape from a pebbly paradise, this tiny Balkan nation is brimming with blissful and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Here is our list of the best beaches in Montenegro…


  1. Dobreč Beach, Luštica Peninsula
  2. Sveti Stefan Beach, Budva
  3. Trsteno Beach, Krimovica
  4. Lučice Beach, Petrovac
  5. Mogren Beach, Budva
  6. Pirates Bar Beach, Perast


Dobreč Beach

Luštica Peninsula

Secret coves and white-sand bays that can only be reached by boat generally mean one thing: beachside bliss. That is exactly what you get when you reach Dobreč Beach. Take a water taxi to the end of the Luštica Peninsula where you’ll stumble upon a secluded cove offering visitors a slice of tranquil paradise. Hire a hammock for the day and enjoy freshly caught fish and traditional Montenegrin dishes in the beachfront restaurant. With good water quality and views reminiscent of a desert island, Dobreč is the perfect place to spend the afternoon splashing in the shallows.

Mogren Beach in Montenegro


Sveti Stefan Beach


The golden crescent that connects Sveti Stefan to the mainland has fast become one of the best beaches in Montenegro thanks to stars such as Marilyn Monroe holidaying there. The southern end of the pink-pebbled sand bank is the ultimate place to enjoy the drowsy, sun-soaked beauty of this little country’s coastline. The fish-flecked shallows and electric blue waters are perfect for a refreshing dip after exploring Sveti Stefan Island and Milocher Park, which overlooks the tiny islet and its quaint, red-roofed buildings and winding streets. Make sure you are prepared to sit on the pebbles, as renting sunbeds for the day may make your wallet weep.


Trsteno Beach


If exploring diving dreamscapes and underwater wonderlands are your thing, then Montenegro is a must-stop spot, but the pretty beach of Trsteno is a particular highlight. The glassy waters that ripple onto the shore transform from deep turquoise to pale aquamarine to completely clear, with only the silvery sand shining through. Grab your snorkel or dive gear and head out for an aqua adventure where you may catch a glimpse of rainbow-hued reefs, caverns and caves and even a warship wreck or two if you’re lucky. Return to the beach for a crisp beer as the warm day becomes a balmy evening.


Lučice Beach


Once upon a time, this pretty beach was a hub for beach basking and enjoying the serious sea vistas. It is now a popular destination for splash-happy tourists and locals alike who want to relax on one of the best beaches in Montenegro. Lučice beach boasts a classic Mediterranean backdrop with cypress trees and oleander bushes, creating a perfectly picturesque setting. When you are well and truly sunbaked, wander along the leafy headland and through the buzzy streets of Petrovac in search of a cosy taverna in which to settle down for the evening.

Beach off the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


Mogren Beach


This beautiful cliff-sheltered beach is a photographer’s haven. With stunning seascape views, a buttery blonde beach and flawless blue wavelets lapping the shore, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Head around the coast from Budva, away from the crowds and holidaymakers and stumble upon this beach which is divided in the middle by a rocky tunnel. Once your skin is sun-kissed and the little ones have had their fill of playing in the sea, venture back round the coastline on the winding streets of Budva Old Town for a delicious Montenegrin dinner.  


Pirates Bar Beach


Although not huge, this slither of pebbles is still one of the best beaches in Montenegro. Floating in the Bay of Kotor’s impossibly azure waters, the beach has views of the Holy Archipelago; what better way to spend an afternoon than with Perast’s ancient Venetian architecture as your backdrop? This pretty little beach is the perfect place to take in the sheer size of Europe’s southernmost fjord. Even hop aboard a boat tour and head to the Holy Archipelago, or venture further on a tour of the Bay of Kotor with a stop for a swim at the famous Blue Cave.


Written by Immy Kelly