Nine Most Beautiful Places in Montenegro

Nine Most Beautiful Places in Montenegro

Distilling the most beautiful places in Montenegro into 1,000 words or less is tough. It would be a hard task given even 10,000 words. But we love a challenge, so let’s try to capture the majesty of a country that can be driven in less than a day but happily explored for months on end. Bursting at the seams with majestic mountains, gleaming lakes, breathtaking beaches and charming towns, Montenegro proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. Read on and prepare to be blown away by this Balkan beauty.


  1. Durmitor National Park
  2. Budva
  3. Kotor and the bay
  4. Porto Montenegro
  5. Perast
  6. Ostrog Monastery
  7. Sveti Stefan
  8. Lake Piva
  9. Herceg Novi and the Blue Cave


Durmitor National Park

So beautiful, it’ll give you butterflies

Hats off Mother Nature, Durmitor is a pristine masterpiece. One of Montenegro’s five national parks and an UNESCO World Heritage site, it boasts soaring limestone peaks, deep canyons, glacial lakes, healing natural springs and lush woodlands. No matter the season, outdoor adventurers will get their fill of excitement and incredible natural beauty here. There are activities aplenty –mountaineering, hiking, biking, swimming, bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, rafting and more – and the park is also home to the largest variety of butterflies in Europe.



History meets coastal splendour 

A fabulous summer destination, Budva is ideal for seekers of sandy beaches, such as Mogren Beach, one of the best beaches in Montenegro, which is accessible by a charming seaside path from the Old Town. By way of contrast, the Old Town is a showcase of 2,500 years of history and culture. You can explore the ancient churches and palaces scattered throughout, as well as the many viewpoints. One of our favourite spots is the square in front of Santa Maria del Punta Church, which offers swoon worthy views over the coast.


Kotor and the bay

Full on fjordal glory

At the end of an inland bay that gives any Norwegian fjord a run for its money, Kotor’s cobbled streets are unmissable. This fortified town is nestled between the majestic Mount Lovćen and the glistening Adriatic, offering visitors the best of both worlds. Lounge seaside for the ultimate R&R or escape into the mountain for heavenly hikes complete with jaw dropping views. Although popular with day trippers, the walled Old Town boasts enough winding streets and medieval charm to make it a lovely weekend getaway. It's also home to the Maritime Museum, which explores local seafaring history, and the Kotor Cathedral, one of only two Roman Catholic cathedrals in all of Montenegro.




Porto Montenegro

Marine magic

A stroll through Porto Montenegro promises to be memorable. Dubbed the ‘Monaco of Montenegro’, this state-of-the-art marina in the Bay of Kotor was built on the foundations of an old Yugoslav naval facility. Today, it’s home to more than 600 berths for yachts and super yachts. Rentals right on the water, fantastic restaurants and hotels, great shopping and water sports aplenty; this is a playground bursting with magnificent man-made scenery.



Simply the best

If you have time to visit only one place in Montenegro, let it be Perast. Tucked away along the aquamarine Adriatic coastline, this lovely old town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most popular attraction is Gospa od Skrpjela (or Our Lady of the Rock). It’s a small island in the bay with a superb museum and centuries-old church which can be reached by taxi boat. Afterwards, be sure to treat yourself to a delicious meal in one of the town’s many seafood restaurants.


Ostrog Monastery

A miraculous architectural marvel

An astounding blend of nature and human intervention, the dazzling white Ostrog Monastery is carved almost entirely on a cliff. It’s the most significant destination for Orthodox Christians in Montenegro and for obvious reasons, it's also drawing the tourists too. The upper monastery is regarded as something of a miracle because no one quite understands how it was built within the two massive caves. Don’t miss out on this awe-inspiring religious gem while exploring the most beautiful places in Montenegro.


Ostrog Monastery


Sveti Stefan

The poster child of a nation

Search ‘Montenegro’ online and a tiny island will likely be the first thing that fills your screen. Joined to the mainland by a stone walkway, it looks like something out of a fairytale, with its terracotta rooftops contrasting against the azure Adriatic. 15 minutes from Budva, little Sveti Stefan is Montenegrin tourism’s big hitter. Frequented by the rich and famous, the small islet was once a fishing village and the old town remains largely unchanged with its narrow streets, small churches and family-run shops.


Lake Piva

The cleanest water in the Balkans

You can’t write about the most beautiful places to visit in Montenegro without mentioning Lake Piva, a man-made lake in Plužine. Created in 1975, it’s the largest freshwater reservoir in the country, with water so clean it’s fit for drinking. Moreover, the deep emerald lake is surrounded by lush forest and offers views to die for. As well as admiring the scenery, you can swim, cruise and fish here. Also consider a visit to the Plužine Old Town and Piva Monastery, a few miles from the lake.


Herceg Novi and the Blue Cave

Total beachside bliss

Last up on our list of the most beautiful places to visit in Montenegro is Herceg Novi. Among this beautiful beachside town’s highlights are Kanil Kula Fortress, Spanjola Fortress and Savina Monestary. Be sure to walk along the promenade and then take a seat at one of the charming cafes and restaurants to breathe in the coastal air and enjoy the slower pace of life. While not as famous as the Croatian version, Montenegro’s Blue Cave is just as beautiful. The cave is accessible from April to October by boat tours that depart from Herceg Novi.