A Client View... Zambia Safari

A Client View... Zambia Safari

Zambia offers a great combination of wildlife, adventure activities and scenic splendour. Our client Rahuca tells us about the Zambia safari experience...


Tongabezi: romantic with personal touches

We had an absolutely fantastic time, and the choice of the two lodges was great. They were quite different, actually, which was good, as we got two different experiences. Tongabezi is a lot more romantic and personalized, and we did the helicopter tour above Victoria Falls, the visit to the local village (which was very interesting) and lots of canoeing aside from the game drive.


Animals by our tents every day

On the other hand, Chiawa was the ultimate animal experience. We had elephants, monkeys and hippos by our tent every day. We saw a pride of 11 lions for three days in a row, including a viewing of one hunting at night.


Outstanding guides

The guides were outstanding. I'd recommend Chiawa Camp to anyone who is interested in a close encounter with the animals. We felt really sad when we left because we really got to know the guides, and after four nights there they were like family. They were witty, extremely well informed, warm and welcoming - absolutely impressive. We really have no words to describe them, so thank you for choosing two great lodges for us!


What's next?

We'll probably want to go to Kenya, Tanzania or Namibia for something a bit different in a couple of years - and we'll certainly go through you! We're also considering a week or ten day luxury holiday in Argentina over New Year - basically doing the south part: glaciers, ranches with horseback riding, and so on. Thanks again for everything! Very well organised. Zambia surprised us very positively!

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