Adventure at Victoria Falls

Adventure at Victoria Falls

Connecting two countries, spanning a massive 5,605ft wide and falling for a dramatic 354ft, Victoria Falls is the largest curtain of water in the world. There are numerous ways to see the falls and a whole load of fantastic activities on offer on both sides of the Zambia/Zimbabwe border. So if you're looking for inspiration on how to get the best out of your time at the falls, or can't decide which side of the Zambezi River to base yourself on, let us lend a helping hand with this list of our favourite things to do in the area...


Sunset Cruise

One of the signature Zambezi River experiences, a sunset cruise is not to be missed. Though there are a lots of cruises to choose from, our favourite is aboard the traditional Ra-Ikane boat which departs from the Zimbabwe side of the river. While exploring the river channels and getting an up-close view of the pristine wilderness and African game along its banks, you'll be bathed in orange light from a (nearly always) beautiful sunset. You can also enjoy an array of canapés, a full bar, and a charming crew who will impart a bit of interesting Victoria Falls history as you cruise.


Helicopter Flight

This is the way to see Victoria Falls and it's well worth splashing out on the extra cost to make it happen. Nicknamed the 'flight of angels', a helicopter ride over the falls will see you doing several circuits of the area so that you can admire the thundering waterfall from all angles. For photographers, the shots from the air are second to none, and wildlife lovers should keep their eyes peeled for elephants and other big game in the reserves on either side of the river. We can arrange helicopter flights from both sides of the falls, and they will offer almost identical experiences.


Zipline Batoka Gorge

Flying through the air on the world's longest zipline is definitely one for the adrenaline junkies. One of our resident Africa experts, Matt, tried it out on his recent trip to Zimbabwe and can confirm it's terrifying and thrilling in equal measure. Starting from The Lookout Café the zipline stretches 1,395ft across Batoka Gorge, and those brave enough to give it a go can reach up to 65mph as they fly across the gorge. Make sure you keep your eyes open as there are some fantastic views to enjoy as you dangle your feet above the Zambezi.



Being soaked in spray as you walk between viewpoints on the walking trails surrounding the falls really gives you an impression of the immensity of the falls. It's also really fun trying to avoid being totally drenched (although you might as well accept the inevitable) and offers probably the best opportunity to capture the perfect photo of a rainbow forming in the spray. There are a total of 19 viewpoints around the falls, 15 on the Zimbabwe side and four on the Zambian side, and we think both sides offer equally fantastic views.


Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool

Taking a dip in the aptly-named Devil's Pool (which sits right at the top of the falls) is another activity for the daredevils. If you don't mind heights then sitting in the natural infinity rockpool and enjoying the views is an experience you'll never forget. For a slightly less anxiety-inducing alternative, boat over (guided) to the neighbouring Livingstone Island. Your guide will introduce you to the history of the island, which was where David Livingstone first glimpsed the falls, and you can then explore and enjoy the views. Both islands are accessed from the Zambia side of the Zambezi.