24 Hours in Copenhagen

24 Hours in Copenhagen

This former fishing village has some seriously impressive stats behind it. Copenhagen is home to no less than 14 Michelin-starred restaurants, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks and its own self-governing neighbourhood (Freetown Christiana). It’s a magical mix of history and modernity, where renaissance palaces and rococo churches rub shoulders with sustainable structures and restaurants serving New Nordic creations. Needless to say, there’s a lot to do in this colourful Danish city, and deciding just how to spend a day here can be a little daunting. If you need some guidance on how to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen, we have just the answer.



Go Sightseeing in the City of Cyclists

Cycling is undeniably the best way to get around Copenhagen – they don’t call it City of Cyclists for nothing. Whether you choose to join a guided cycling tour or go exploring solo, your morning is an opportunity to cruise across the city’s bridges and along its bike paths to take in some iconic Copenhagen sights. Don’t miss the world-famous Little Mermaid statue, the vibrant district of Nyhavn or the official royal residence of Amalienborg Palace. If you want to see the spectacular changing of the guard, plan to be there for noon. Copenhagen’s compact size means you can be moseying through its infamous Freetown Christiana moments after admiring the spiral staircase of one of Denmark’s most famous churches: Church of our Saviour. But before you hop on that bike and start exploring, there’s one very important thing to tick off your list: sampling an authentic Danish pastry for breakfast. When in Rome…

Cyclist in Copenhagen


Enjoy a Fabulously Foodie Lunch at Reffen

If you’ve worked up an appetite after all that cycling, we know just the spot. This bustling street food market is the largest in the Nordics, located on a vast shipping harbour and teeming with chefs, creatives and artisans. There are around 50 stalls in total at Reffen, including everything from seafood shacks and Kurdish street food to crepe carts and sustainable smoothie bars. You’ll also find a handful of boutiques where you can pick up something special to remember your trip by. And just when you think it can’t get any better, Reffen is also big on sustainability. The trading units are made from repurposed shipping containers, and traders receive a discount on rent if they become certified with the Organic Cuisine Label. This foodie gem is a ten-minute cycle from Nyhavn, and along with the excellent food you can expect a lively outdoor space with views across the water.


Get Your Copenhagen Culture Fix

Did you know that Copenhagen has around 53 museums? Well, you do now, and exploring one (or several) of them is a great way to spend your afternoon in this culture-crammed city. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is one of the city’s most exciting artistic spaces, housing works by the likes of Picasso and Warhol along with a magical sculpture garden with views across the Øresund towards Sweden. In the cultural district, there are plenty of museums to choose from, all within walking distance from one another. These include the historic Kunstforeningen GL Strand, a modern art gallery focusing on the work of young artists, and the National Museum, which even has a dedicated Children’s Museum for if you’re travelling with little ones. You’ll also find the Danish Jewish Museum, Danish Architecture Center and the spectacular Christiansborg Palace here. If you’re lucky with the weather and don’t fancy spending your afternoon inside, take a stroll in the enchanting Tivoli Gardens, a magical theme park that inspired both Walt Disney and Hans Christian Anderson. This is also the perfect place for a snack and a coffee after soaking up all that culture.


Experience the Best of Danish Cuisine

Your 24 hours in Copenhagen simply wouldn’t be complete without sampling some spectacular Danish cooking. Copenhagen’s reputation as a foodie hotspot all started with René Redzepi’s world-famous restaurant, Noma, which opened in 2003. Since then, the city’s food scene has flourished, and its culinary landscape is now a combination of exciting establishments championing New Nordic cuisine and traditional restaurants serving hearty Scandinavian dishes. Ravelinen is the perfect place for a cosy evening meal in the city. This traditional restaurant is housed in a quaint 20th-century building, and their honest Danish cooking comes with a view across the canal that will make you feel as if you’re summering in the Scandinavian countryside. If you’d prefer something a little more contemporary, Restaurant Palaegade is the place to be. This restaurant is known for its elevated versions of smørrebrød served at lunch time (making this another excellent choice for your midday meal). However, Restaurant Palaegade’s evening menu is equally enticing, an innovative fusion of French and Danish cuisine served in relaxed yet stylish surroundings. Of course, we’ve got a whole list of exciting restaurants in Copenhagen up our sleeve, so if you need some help choosing the perfect spot, just ask. Whatever you’re eating, don’t forget to wash it down with a glug of akvavit, Denmark’s iconic herby spirit.   

Tap room, Copenhagen


Have a Night Out in Nørrebro

If you’re not quite ready for your 24 hours in Copenhagen to end, why not pay a visit to Nørrebro, aka one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. This diverse district is teeming with late-night bars, music venues and pubs. Cocktails, craft beers and natural wines are here for the taking, along with live music and plentiful opportunities to dance the night away. Oh, and there are also plenty of kebab shops here too, which may or may not come in handy after a night on the town.