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10 Year Anniversary for Original Travel

10 Year Anniversary for Original Travel

Original Travel Turns 10!

Once upon a time... Our story began back in 2003; a classic 'three friends in a spare bedroom' scenario. The three co-founders Alastair Poulain, Nick Newbury and Tom Barber spotted a niche in the travel industry for high quality short breaks requiring minimal time off work but offering maximum experience. Using their knowledge and passion for travel, the three came up with a portfolio of action-packed long weekends to original destinations, and The Big Short Break was born.


What we've achieved

Hungry to grow, Original Travel went on to launch a successful long-haul portfolio; a range of original family holidays and has published even two books; The Big Short Break and Dive in Style. In addition we've joined forces with the wonderful Tim Best Travel and Simoon Travel teams, launched Original Diving and a home-grown UK travel arm and in the process won a number of highly regarded travel awards. Best of all, though, is that warm and fuzzy feeling we get from the knowledge that we have made a lot of people, from rockstars to royalty and everyone in between, very happy with their precious holidays.


Happy Birthday!

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we've compiled ten blogs; each a '10 best...' or '10 most...' theme. Clever, no? The blogs will share with you some of the things we've enjoyed, done, learnt and experienced over the past ten years. We hope you enjoy them, and a big warm thank you to all of you have helped us get where we are today. First up? The 10 Best Big Short Breaks. We hope you enjoy them!