Värmland is a mecca for nature lovers. This idyllic region is blanketed in forests, dotted with 10,000 lakes and home to Sweden's longest river, the Klaralven, which cuts the region in two and flows into Vanern lake. In the winter, the countryside is Christmas card pretty with snow-capped peaks and frozen lakes. Then, when the snow melts in the summer, the landscapes transform into a lush paradise. With ample outdoorsy activities, adventure lovers will be in their element here. Visit the Glaskogen Nature Reserve, with its vast forests and 80 lakes, best explored by canoe (or snowmobile during the
icy winter months); experience the thrill of alpine skiing; or glide through the serene forest on cross-country skis. At Värmlands Moose Park, you'll have the chance to witness moose up close and personal. Take a walk in the park's enclosure and learn all about these magnificent creatures, and don't be surprised if they let you pet them. And don't miss out on the High Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Värmland's top attractions. This stunning stretch of coastline boasts panoramic views of the sea, forests and cliffs, and is also a hub for wildlife including moose, bears and wolves.

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