Road Trips in the US are almost a right of passage, including the iconic Route 66, and California's Highway 1, but the beach bums among you should fear not, as Florida is the perfect jumping off point for a quintessential and compact US road trip with a Caribbean twist, down in the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys boast glorious beaches, the USA's sport fishing capital, and fantastic scuba diving, following the 'shipwreck trail' and exploring the world's third largest living barrier reef. On the main 113 mangrove-and-sandbar islands the sun shines over deep green mangroves; long, gloriously soft mudflats
and tidal bars; turquoise water and a population that gladly admits to being a little eccentric. Never more so than in Key West, best defined by its motto – One Human Family – an ideal perfectly suited to a place where anything goes and life is always a party (or at least a hungover day after).

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