The best American cities have something in common – a population that appears to consist entirely of actors starring in their own (award-winning, naturally) screenplays. Had Bill 'all the world's a stage' Shakespeare visited Manhattan he'd have loved the 'I'm walkin' here!' mock grumpiness of New Yawkers and seen the piquant poignancy in the thwarted dreams of endless wannabes in Los Angeles. These cities are more than the sum of their parts but they are nothing compared to Florida's finest, a city where the sheer self-confidence of the locals, despite the economic shoeing of the last few years, reaches epic proportions.
It is, quite simply, all about me in Miami, with several scenes playing out at any one time – the buzzing contemporary art scene, a dance music scene threatening to rival that in Ibiza, the extremely sexy Cuban exile scene, and a gay see and be scene. It all adds up to one of the best urban environments for a luxury holiday anywhere in the world right now.

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