Life is beautiful when viewed through the lens of Key West, a tropical paradise full of warmth and tranquillity. The colours are more vibrant, the flowers more plentiful and the seafood is just plain tastier. For context, Key West, the southernmost island of the Florida Keys, is 130 miles from Miami and just 90 miles from Havana. Key West is connected to the mainland by the Overseas Highway, which is (as the name suggests) suspended above the sea, and at points so narrow it’s just wide enough for two cars to pass. Driving the Overseas Highway is a spectacular way to begin any Key West holidays,
the biggest indicator that you’re heading to a secluded oasis. The island itself is four miles long and one mile wide and best viewed by bike; hop on and enjoy the views of some of the many 19th century homes built in Victorian, French and colonial style. Head to one of the island’s many clear-water beaches and fish, swim and snorkel the afternoon away, only stopping for a slice of key lime pie. Inspiration is never far away and many artists and writers have called Key West home, none more famous than Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway. Get your fix of culture at Hemingway’s Home and Museum and view some of his personal artefacts including his writing desk, typewriter and letters. Finish your day at one of the many bustling harbourside restaurants and eat like royalty as you watch boats bob gently on the water. Then wait until the sky turns all shades of wonderful during one of the island’s world-renowned sunsets.

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