Ranakpur holidays take you into the heartland India’s ancient religion; Jainism. A lush green valley in Rajasthan hides the village of Ranakpur – home to the largest and most spectacular Jain temple complex in India. Dating back to the sixth century BC, Jainism is a religion that places the wellbeing of the universe and all of it’s inhabitants at its core. The religion’s most famous earthly expressions are the stunning temples found in Ranakpur. The best known, and one of the jewels of Jainism, is the Adinath Temple, which dates from the fifteenth century. The carefully chiselled stone and marble work of this temple has extraordinary beauty,
and of its exquisitely carved 1,444 columns, no two are alike. There are more architectural wonders to be discovered in this site, which is one of the five major pilgrimage shrines for Jains in the world.

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