The Navajo are one of the largest Native American communities in the United States with a fascinating history that’s intertwined with their surroundings. Your holiday to meet Navajo Native Americans will lead you to the Navajo Nation, an area at the crossroads of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah that is over 27,000 square miles and larger than ten of the 50 states in America. At the heart of this huge space, the Navajo people preserve their many traditions, rich culture and copious sacred places and they invite those travellers with open minds to come and experience their way of life. Unplug and detox
from modern life as you walk in ancient shoes and immerse yourself into a different culture. The Navajo Nation is home to many natural sites of breathtaking beauty, like the amazing geological formations of Monument Valley, the soaring Spider Rock spire and the vivid dancing stone of Antelope Canyon.

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