Andaman Island Holidays: an Overview

The Andaman Islands, 177 miles off the coast of Burma in the Bay of Bengal, are the peaks of a submerged mountain range that reappears to the south as the islands of Indonesia.

Despite their relative proximity to South East Asia, the 572 Andaman Islands are administered by India, and for centuries existed in splendid isolation thanks to the less than friendly welcome the small indigenous population gave to passing seafarers.

Today's visitors can expect a far friendlier welcome, and what awaits is one of the world's very finest island destinations, complete with picture perfect and pristine desert island beaches, excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities, untouched jungle, India's only live volcano and the chance to visit - in strictly controlled circumstances - primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. The Andaman Islands are even developing a reputation as a surfing destination with superb reef breaks.

There was something of a lack of good quality accommodation, but thankfully some savvy hoteliers have pitched up in recent year and crafted a handful of boutique hotels on these idyllic shores. We also work with an impressive liveaboard dive boat that is perfect for divers looking to reach further flung dive sites.

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A Note on Price

Flights to India cost approximately £570 (economy) and many airlines fly directly from the UK. Accommodation-wise, prices vary hugely: Rajasthan could cost around £3,000 per person for two weeks, whilst South Kerala would come in a lot cheaper comparatively for a luxury holiday of a similar length.

Itinerary Suggestions

The Golden Triangle & Andaman Islands

15 Days

From £3,915pp

The Bhutanese Himalayas and The Andaman Islands

16 Days

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