The fantastic rock formations of Cappadocia can be traced back ten million years to the eruptions of three huge volcanoes that left a layer of soft, porous rock over the entire region.

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  • It can get busy, but if you visit the valleys early to avoid the midday sun and explore the underground cities in the evening after the day-trippers have left.

Cappadocia Luxury Holidays: the Detail

Ancient civilisations carved great caves and underground cities out of the soft volcanic rock, and sculpted it into increasingly bizarre shapes, most famously the 'fairy chimneys' of Goreme.

Carved into the natural rock formations that characterise this unique landscape, the Cappadocia cave suites are chic and comfortable boltholes, providing shelter from the midday sun and an ideal base from which to explore the area.

The best way to explore the hidden valleys and subterranean villages of the area is by mountain bike. Far from any other tourists, and travelling at your own pace, there is always a back-up truck, stacked with cool drinks, on hand.

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