Ever mysterious, the seductive, strange and sweltering country-within-a-country that is the Peruvian Amazon has captured the hearts and minds of many an adventurer since it was first discovered. A vast and impenetrable fortress that makes up the most biodiverse forest in the world, the Amazon is home to a wealth of flora and fauna, scores of undiscovered species, and a number of indigenous communities and uncontacted tribes completely isolated from the outside world. There are two ways to explore the Amazon: from Lima, head North to Iquitos and the Pacaya Samiria National Park, or travel south to
Cusco - the ancient seat of the Inca civilisation - and then head to Puerto Maldonado, the gateway and capital of the southern jungle. During your Peruvian Amazon rainforest holiday, make lodges and tents your home, and immerse yourself in a world of trackless wildernesses, strange animal calls, melting heat and more shades of green than you ever thought possible.

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Our trip to Ecuador was due to start on Monday October 21 but was cancelled the afternoon before because of civil unrest in Quito. Kate transformed this disaster into a triumph. Working incredibly hard on Monday and Tuesday and from a standing start she has organised a terrific holiday for us in Peru and Ecuador. It is better than the holiday we had booked to go on and Kate dealt with all our questions on Monday and Tuesday while also booking the flights, hotels, transfers etc. It is Wednesday and we have already set off, all thanks to Kate. She has shown professionalism and charm throughout. We are so grateful to her.
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