Wellness Sabbaticals

In recent years wellness and mindfulness have become synonymous with social media braggability, but the quest for wellness was being pursued the world over long before we started Instagramming our dinners and downwards dogs. Whatever your motive - be it physical, mental, or spiritual - and however hard you want to push yourself, the extended nature of a sabbatical allows you to curate a trip to achieve those goals.

The Great Outdoors in New Zealand

There's nowhere quite like the so-called Land of the Long White Cloud to rediscover the joy of physical wellness. With ten aptly-named Great Walks to tick off (and on a sabbatical you'll actually have time to do them all), drawing in lungfuls of good-old-fashioned fresh air and increasing your daily step count is easily achieved, not to mention fun. It also helps that the scenery is famously epic and that fresh, seasonal produce (yes, that does include the wine) is available in abundance.

Sweet Solitude in Namibia

Sit in total solitude (with your favourite tipple for company) under a stunning canopy of stars in the Namib Rand International Dark Sky Reserve and you'll almost feel the stress leaving your body. To really complete the tranquillity treatment (however long that takes for you) and continue the feeling of calm, enjoy a customised menu of massages and yoga classes and test your legs on several nature walks across this vast desert, the scale of which helps put even the biggest issues into perspective.

Yoga Instructing in Costa Rica

So you've been practising yoga for years and always dreamed of learning to lead your own class? Forget your dingy local gym and instead head to Santa Teresa Beach in Costa Rica. Over the course of three weeks you'll learn practical instructor techniques, deepen your physical awareness and collaborate with your fellow students to inspire and encourage each other. While there, make the most of your stunning surroundings with fun surf lessons, challenging rainforest hikes and plenty of sun-kissed R&R.

Meditation and Mountains In Bhutan

Simply spending time soaking up the atmosphere in a country whose government measures Gross National Happiness should help improve mental wellbeing. Factor in the numerous Himalayan mountain treks and other outdoor adventures on offer here and you've got physical wellness covered too. And for the ultimate trifactor, add on some time learning traditional meditation techniques. We can arrange for you to join a group of devout Vajrayana Buddhists in one of the country's many ornate dzongs (fortresses).

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