Philantourism in Cambodia

Cambodia has come a long way since the dark days of the Khmer Rouge and is now a destination that draws in floods of tourists with its timeless temples, flavourful food and glorious nature. The tourism industry in Cambodia is thriving (over 14% of their GDP comes from tourism), and we’re passionate about doing exploring the country in as responsible a way as possible.

One of the big issues the country is facing is overcrowding, particularly at sacred sites like Siem Reap. We can recommend the best times to go and best routes to take around these sites to make the most of your time there, or even suggest equally spectacular places but with a fraction of the visitors, such as the UNESCO-protected city of Koh Ker - which is home to an impressive seven-tiered pyramid - or the captivating Cardamom Mountain, one of Southeast Asia's most pristine expanses of wilderness.

On your philantourism holiday in Cambodia, we'll pair you up with the best local guides who can bring the country's history and culture to life, arrange for you to stay in wonderful sustainable lodges, and arm you with plenty of foodie recommendations from fantastic family-run eateries to seriously good street food joints. Besides supporting local people and businesses, you'll get to enjoy mounds of memorable experiences; win, win!

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