India summer holidays are a great opportunity to discover the Himalayan region where the weather will be drier and milder while the rest of the country is being drenched during the monsoon season. Spend your time here marvelling at the beautiful scenery of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh and plunging in the sandy dreamscape of the Thar desert. Gape, slack-jawed, at the towering snow-capped peak of Nanda Devi (the country's second highest mountain), wind your way along the rivers and lakes around Sringar - a watery world dotted with colourful houseboats - and escape from it all as you delve into the monastries of 'Little Tibet' in Ladakh.
For the best kind of sensory overload, this is well and truly the place.

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Frances listened, adapted and put together an amazing trip to India. She couldn't have been any better. The Concierge was also great, he was always one step ahead of us. Organised, efficient and helpful. Very impressive. There were too many memorable moments to list out but safe to say the trip exceeded all expectations. Frances is a complete star and deserves all the plaudits for a truly amazing holiday. Thank you.
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