Bhutan solo travel offers keen adventurers, who are looking for some quality ‘me’ time, untouched natural beauty, serenity and warm, hospitable locals. This Buddhist kingdom, on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, is sandwiched between Tibet and India and is a haven rich with opportunities for self-discovery. Around every dramatic mountain range and sweeping valley is the chance to put yourself first and experience a holiday without compromise. There’re hiking discoveries to be made, like on the Nabji Korphu Trek, where you’ll go in search of ornate Buddhist monasteries, the golden-hued temple of Varanasi
and monumental stupas in the country's capital. Or simply enjoy the authenticity and calmness of village life, complete with farmer-tended lush rice paddy fields and warming cups of homemade butter tea. So, whether you’re solo exploring your way across Thimphu, Bhutan's very own mini metropolis, or journeying to Punakha Dzong in search of the fortress lined with spring blooming purple jacaranda flowers, you’ll be sure to have a solo adventure packed with memory-making and reflective moments...

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The continuing personal touch afforded to my family and I by your company during the building of the itinerary and the booking process has been very refreshing and is something of which you and your company should be proud. I have been very impressed with the passion, knowledge and high touch shown by your team.
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