Whether it’s as a stopover for a couple of days en route to a further flung family destination, or as a trip in its own right, a Singapore family holiday will leave both children and parents wanting singa-more (sorry, couldn’t help it). The good news is that this pint-sized place packs a serious punch in terms of activities. There are several excellent museums and amusement parks, with the icing on the cake being Universal Studios Singapore. Elsewhere, though, there are more thought-provoking attractions such as the wonderful Gardens by the Bay, a huge botanical garden featuring the world's largest
glass greenhouse and several Supertrees - vertical gardens linked by suspended canopy walkways. Your children don't need to be green-fingered to adore this experience, especially the evening lightshows. Another benefit of Singapore's diminutive scale, and its cultural diversity, is that the city offers children a glimpse of life in many of the greatest of Asia nations. We can arrange a privately guided and entirely tailored tour of some of the different districts of the city, from Chinatown to the extraordinarily ornate Hindu temples built by the Indian community. It's also a great chance to introduce the children to some of the finest cuisines from around the world as they sample delicious street food from stalls along the way.

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Original Travel have once again proven their talent for helping people discover a well-known destination by taking us off the beaten track in Singapore. I would like to thank the whole team – from consultant to concierge - for their kindness and the quality of their attention and advice. I have never been disappointed by Original Travel's service; it is tailor-made luxury! I highly recommend them.
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