24 Hours in Singapore

24 Hours in Singapore

Singapore’s deep-rooted traditions and newer innovations intertwine effortlessly to form one of the most captivating collection of islands nestled among the Malay Peninsula. Curious travellers are met with ancient temples, swish skyscrapers and lush green open spaces that offer countless moments of discovery and indulgence. Those with a tight timeframe need not worry, as just 24 hours in Singapore can provide keen explorers with a wealth of breath-taking views, mouth-watering culinary treats and so much more. So, if you’re struggling to cram more time into a trip to this southeast Asian gem, read on. Our extensive guide on how best to spend 24 hours in Singapore will guarantee that time-conscious travellers reap the rewards of this spectacular city-state. 

  1. Breakfast
  2. Late Morning
  3. Lunch
  4. Late Afternoon
  5. Early Evening
  6. Dinner


Begin your 24 hours in Singapore wandering the labyrinthine streets of Chinatown, where souvenir shops, eclectic boutiques and traditional restaurants line the narrow roads. This is an area populated by passionate foodies, and it’s a great place to satisfy your breakfast needs with an abundance of brunch spots serving up crispy bacon and perfectly poached eggs. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, seat yourself at Punch for the promise of an all-day breakfast and tea-infused triple stacked pancakes. Meanwhile, those after something lighter can make a beeline for the Kaya Kaya stall, hidden in the Hong Lim Market and Food Centre. Here, hungry visitors can sample the delicious and traditional kaya (coconut jam) toast that’s a Singaporean breakfast staple. Or, for a spot that’s a little more central, you can always tuck into the well-priced breakfast platter at Knockhouse Café, complete with thickly-sliced bacon, sunny side-up eggs and more. 

Late Morning  

Early morning stomach rumblings lulled, you can continue to ease yourself into the day with a floral-themed walk around the famous Gardens by the Bay, where something is always in bloom and horticultural enthusiasts will be enchanted by the unusual plants from around the world. Next, head over to the iconic Marina Bay Sands, which is within touching distance from this picturesque spot and makes for a great photo opportunity. It’s considered one of Singapore’s most iconic structures and this spectacular hotel boasts a guest-only rooftop pool at a staggering 200 metres high – one for those that are brave enough to take the plunge! Back on the ground level, both the National Musuem and National Gallery Singapore are just a short walk away, perfect for a hit of southeast Asian culture. 


All that exploring will no doubt leave wanderers hungry for more, but also in need of the perfect lunchtime fix. That’s where Laksa comes in. A traditional Singaporean Laksa comprises a noodle dish with either chicken, prawns, or fish and a rich and often spicy curry coconut milk style broth or a sour assam (tamarind or gelugur). Its light but fragrant sauce packs the punch needed, while the thick rice noodles and delicious additions supply the heartiness. It can be found at countless stalls across the city, but with just 24 hours in Singapore, some of the best to taste test are found on the east coast. You have Katong Laksa, with its complex and well-balanced laksa gravy; the Original Katong Laksa (Janggut Laksa) and their aromatic crayfish special; or 328 Katong Laksa and its perfect blend of hae bee (shrimps), coconut milk and chilli. 

Late Afternoon 

Come afternoon, with the heat of the day behind you, it’s the perfect time for a thrilling ride at the Skyline Luge Sentosa. Hop in the three-wheeled luge carts and let gravity do the rest as you zip through tunnels, slopes and mystical forests that come alive after sundown. Afterwards, you can bask in the views of the Singapore skyline and South China Sea as you strap into the four-seater chairlift and head skywards. Then, once your feet are planted firmly back on the ground, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the 140-metre-long boardwalk at Changi Bay Point. The slip-resistant glass fibre and reinforced concrete ensures that even in a classic Singapore downpour, you won’t be slipping and sliding as you take in the stunning waterfront views. 


Early Evening 

The remaining 24 hours in Singapore feel even more poignant as the sun begins to set and the excitement of the night hums in the distance. Those searching for that perfect shot of the sun’s last rays have a wealth of locations to snap from. Visit one of the few remaining functional lighthouses, which has pier and panoramic views that make the trek to Tuas more than worthwhile, or for those that are all beached out, head to Singapore’s oldest and most popular nature park which is home to a lush rainforest that twists its way around the country’s first reservoir and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Alternatively, opt to take a pre-dinner stroll around the picturesque marina at Keppel Bay, where the bobbing yachts are illuminated by the nearby lights of the skyscrapers flickering in the darkness. 


If there’s one thing your 24 hours in Singapore will have shown you, it’s the wealth of amazing dishes readily available throughout the city. From the Michelin-starred chefs to the humble hawker hidden gems, there is something for all palates here. For unmatched hospitality, ground-breaking flavour experimentation and all-round excellent ambience, eat by candlelight, or rather at Candlenut, the world’s very first (and only) Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant. The dishes warm the soul and continually elevate traditional Peranakan cuisine. Or enjoy our favourite supply of delicious platefuls found amidst the vegetation rich garden surrounds of the Flower Dome at Marguerite. This culinary escapade demonstrates the craft required to take your meal from root to table, exuding warmth and charm in the process and rounding off a perfect 24 hours in Singapore.