With the Mediterranean Sea to the west, the Negev Desert to the south and the Arabah Valley to the east, Israel is a wonderful patchwork of terrains. But since it’s a fairly small country and its roads are well-developed, it’s easy enough to get around. Feel the joyful energy of Tel Aviv and its golden beaches, the legendary grandeur of Jerusalem, and the Mediterranean charm of Haifa. If it’s the desert you’re looking for, stay in the heart of the sands in Beersheba (otherwise known as the ‘Capital of the Negev’). At the opposite end of the spectrum, water lovers can head to the iconic Sea of Galilee, or float weightlessly in the Dead Sea.
However you choose to spend them, Israel city breaks promise to be an adventure through the course of history. Some areas demand vigilance from travellers, but with the right advice, you’ll get the chance to discover different cultures, religions and beliefs in this ancient world like no other.

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The trip to Israel just went perfectly and everybody enjoyed themselves. Also our last day in Cesarea and Accro was very nice, we had a super guide! But the best of all was your choice of restaurants - one better then the next! Except the one on the last day in Accri, but then we were very spoiled by then. Also the American Colony, which I had insisted on, was a disappointment, especially because they didn’t give us the room we had booked (the Pasha Room). Thanks for all your efforts and all the best

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