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There are many different forms of music which are commonly associated with Cuba including fandango, folk, rumba, paso doble, waltz, jazz and salsa. Music in Cuba is not simply entertainment but a part of life. It is life and this is what we invite you to experience.

Our musical trips to Cuba re-trace the history and development of Cuban music. We take you deep within the heart of Havana to areas which come alive at night, we take you to cabarets shows, off-beat bars and rocking nightclubs as well as organise workshops and music lessons with the locals. During the day we can arrange percussion or dance lessons, privately guided tours around the Dance and Music museum, arrange tickets to the Opera or Ballet. These are just a few of the experiences we can arrange but our guarantee is that you will be guided by people who will make your musical experience one to remember.

Cuban music developed over many years, much of it evolving from the influence of African slaves bringing with them their bongos and drums, while the Spanish conquistadores brought their guitars. The Chinese, Americans and Puerto Ricans of course had some influence too making a huge range of music which is now associated with Cuba. However in 1959, Cuban music came under the watchful eye of Castro's dictatorship. Many music venues closed and the evolution of popular music slowed down. Tourism also came to a halt and traditional Cuban music could only be found in music houses called Casas de la Trova. 1991 saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and the loss of support for Cuba and this in turn opened up doors for Cubans to tour abroad and follow their musical dreams outside of the state-run system.

One of the most famous musical Cuban successes was the release of the Buena Vista Social Club in 1997. These veteran Cuban musicians, Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben Gonzalez and Compay Segundo had spent years developing music but the world only got to hear and appreciate their amazing talent and adoration for music by the time they entered the remaining years of their lives.

Havana is a unique and truly special place which still mirrors all phases of the country's turbulent story - you can see it in the colonial architecture, the grandiose mansions, the crumbling walls and most importantly on the faces of every Cuban you meet. The lines on their faces tell an interesting story and we take you to hear their stories and partake in their musical day to day goings on. Trips out to the tobacco region, to the beach or down to the colonial town of Trinidad can also be added onto any music experience in Havana.

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