Tasmania Holidays: An Overview

Tasmania was the last part of the Australian continent to separate from the great southern landmass of Gondwana 45 million years ago. This, together with 10,000 years of isolation from mainland Australia, has resulted in Tasmania's environment becoming significantly different to the rest of the country, with granite peaks, Tasmanian wildlife, heath-covered mountains and beautiful lakes. For a holiday with a difference, head to Tasmania.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Try a four-day Maria Island Walk which takes in the highlights of this island's national park
  • The food on offer in Tasmania is delicious

Luxury Tasmania Holidays: The Detail

On the east coast the granite peaks of the Freycinet Peninsula mark the southern end of the land bridge that once linked Tasmania to mainland Australia. The loss of this land bridge served to protect Tasmanian wildlife, hence the island is the last bastion of several mammals. Tasmanian devil, eastern and spotted-tailed quolls, Tasmanian bettongs and a variety of smaller marsupials can all be seen while holidaying here.

The southwest corner is one of Australia's most pristine wilderness areas, accessible only on foot or by scenic flight. Most of this region and the Central Plateau are comprised of heath-covered mountains and peaks rising above beautiful mountain lakes. The lakes and rivers of the high country are renowned for their trout fishing.

And on the subject, Tasmanians pride themselves on top quality food and wine. The island's produce is evident in the gourmet cuisine which is an integral part of welcoming Tasmanian hospitality. Fantastic wildlife and top notch food and wine - what more could you ask of a luxury holiday?

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