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Everyone knows the boy’s own adventure tales of heroism involving those great polar explorers of the early 20th Century, Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen, who strove to reach the South Pole, some never to return.

Over one hundred years later, and despite vast technological innovations, the Antarctic conditions are still so harsh in winter that there is no permanent habitation at the South Pole but, and it's a big but (and a big cost) - it is now possible to reach the South Pole without the need for months hard graft trekking across the harsh white desert.

The solution comes in the shape of a skiplane, which flies a strictly limited number of lucky guests to the pole for a visit to reflect on the extraordinary achievements of mankind in reaching this spot, a commemorative photo at the actual Ceremonial Pole and a fascinating visit to the research centre.

This true once in a lifetime experience is the highlight of a week-long set departure trip as follows:

Day 1 - Flight to Antarctica from Punta Arenas in Chile. The private transport flight lasts 4.5 hours before landing on an ice runway at the temporary camp

Day 2 - Acclimatise at camp with the option to partake in a few activities

Day 3 - The big day. Fly on to the Geographic South Pole for a memorable few hours before the return flight to camp

Days 4 to 6 - Explore Antarctica from the camp. The daily programme of activities includes activities like cross country skiing, trekking, exploratory walks, Antarctic survival skills sessions and fascinating talks on this extraordinary region. The hearty food in camp is excellent and designed to provide enough energy for the activities on offer

Day 7 - return flight to Punta Arenas and transfer to your hotel there. Please bear in mind that conditions in this part of the world are unpredictable, so schedules and plans are often subject to change. With this in mind we strongly recommend you make no formal plans for the week after returning to Chile

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Standing at the Ceremonial Pole marking the southernmost spot on Earth. By walking around it you technically circumnavigate the world by crossing the 360 lines of longitude.

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