Holidays to Western Tanzania: An Overview

Beneath the Mahale mountains in the west of Tanzania sit the shores of Lake Tanganyika, where the crystal clear water is perfect for snorkelling, and chimpanzees live on the steep forested mountain sides.

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  • Katavi National Park, in Western Tanzania, supposedly receives fewer visitors in a year than the Serengeti does in a single day, yet has greater mammal concentrations in than any other park in the country. It's a no-brainer for a Tanzania safari.

Safari Holidays in Katavi National Park and Western Tanzania: The Detail

One group of 60 chimps lives within hiking distance of the camp we at Original Travel recommend, and has become habituated to human presence by over two decades of contact with researchers. It is possible to venture out into the forest to observe these endangered animals, our closest relatives, as they groom, wrestle and forage.

Elsewhere the largest herds of buffalo on the continent roam the wide plains of Katavi National Park, one of Africa's best wildlife hotspots and something of a secret destination for a Tanzania safari that we know well. Filling the floor of the Rukwa Valley - a minor fault of the western great Rift - the park spans over a million acres of blue escarpments from which primeval rivers run down through tamarind, fig and albida forests to feed huge golden floodplains. The quantity of buffalo supports plenty of carnivores, while hippopotami and crocodiles team in the waterways.

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