The Endless Serengeti Plains

This is classic savannah scenery, and the setting for the great migration when millions of wildebeest, zebra and other plains game move in a continuous cycle around the Serengeti-Masai ecosystem, following the rains in search of fresh grazing and running the gauntlet of carnivores such as lions and crocodiles. Little wonder then that Serengeti safaris induce such a migration of a tourist variety. Original Travel, however, knows the region intimately and can suggest the best places to stay for the best game viewing experience, and the best time to be in each area.

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  • In the Masai language, Serengeti means 'endless plains', appropriate for this ocean of grass, stretching to the Masai Mara on the Kenyan border.

Luxury Safari Holidays in The Serengeti: The Detail

The migration moves through the Serengeti and its varying landscapes throughout the year, meaning that each area offers a different game experience. The northern section plays host to the migrators between July and October, when they make the jump over the Mara River between Kenya and Tanzania. This is certainly a sight to behold, although patience can be required - take advantage of a big breakfast would be our advice. The photographs are worth the wait. Safari operators move in and set up luxury mobile tented camps in the area during this season, offering the best position to see the game. However, there are a couple of wonderful permanent lodges in the area, that continue to offer a great Serengeti safari experience throughout the year for those in search of a wild and remote landscape out of migration time.

In December, the wildebeest reach the Southern plains. Wide grassy plains are scattered with millions of wildebeest and zebra between December and March, and it is also famous for its big cats - all best spotted when staying in one of the luxury mobile tented camps that have then moved down from the northern sector with the migration in order to gain prime position.

In between these times, the migration can also be spotted in the Western corridor of the Serengeti. Once again, you can be sure to rely on the Serengeti safari operators that we work with to ensure that the mobile tents will be set up in the best game viewing areas.

The when-to-go-where rules don't apply to Central Serengeti as it doesn't rely on the migration, so has fantastic game all year round. The sweeping acacia-dotted plains are home to resident lion prides, cheetah, leopard and the rare collared black rhino. It often works well to combine a stay in the central Serengeti with either the north or the south, depending on your time of travel.

Top picks for The Endless Serengeti Plains

Elephant at Ndutu Safari Lodge, luxury lodge in Tanzania

Ndutu Safari Lodge

The Endless Serengeti Plains

Set amongst the iconic acacia trees over looking Lake Ndutu, the aptly named Ndutu Safari Lodge is an old school, no frills camp, perfect for the safari traditionalist for whom good game is top of the list.

Where to stay

Outside bath at Singita Faru Faru Lodge, luxury lodge in Tanzania

Singita Faru Faru Lodge

The Endless Serengeti Plains

Faru Faru is an intimate safari camp of just six luxurious suites, overlooking the Grumeti River. The lodge is located in the Singita Grumeti Reserves – a 350,000-acre concession that borders the Serengeti National Park.

Where to stay

Exterior at Dunia Camp, luxury camp in Tanzania

Dunia Camp

The Endless Serengeti Plains

Located in the south of the Central Plains, Dunia Camp doesn’t have to rely on the migration to see the plains game, instead they come to the camp.

Where to stay

Tarrace view by sunset at Klein's Camp, luxury camp in Tanzania

Klein's Camp

The Endless Serengeti Plains

Located in a private concession within Serengeti National park, which is renowned for having the largest concentration of migratory animals in the world, Klein’s Camp is in the heart of the action.

Where to stay

Terrace at Singita Mara River Tented Camp, luxury camp in Tanzania

Singita Mara River Tented Camp

The Endless Serengeti Plains

Located in the northernmost corner of the Serengeti National Park, the Lamai triangle, Singita Mara River Tented Camp is in a remote area while still being surrounded by one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Serengeti.

Where to stay

Singita Sagora Tented Camp, luxury camp in Tanzania

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

The Endless Serengeti Plains

Sabora is an ultra-luxurious tented safari camp, designed in classic 1920s style to conjure up that authentic ‘Out of Africa’ experience.

Where to stay

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