Where to go in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a proud and long history extending to the known beginnings of mankind. We know and focus on both the north and south of the country - two contrasting but equally fascinating regions. The northern part of the country includes some of the great civilisations of the ancient world such as Gondar, with its medieval castles and fairy tale palaces, and Lalibela with its extraordinary rock hewn churches. The stunning landscapes of the Simien Mountains are a trekkers delight as are the beautiful Monasteries on the islands of Lake Tana and in the Tigray region. Our Southern Ethiopia tours focus on the extraordinary tribes, landscapes and wild life along the Rift Valley. Ethiopia has an unusually large endemic bird population - a paradise for birders, and the many lakes and national parks have lovely lodges to relax and enjoy the views and sample the local cuisine and delicious coffee. The Islamic city of Harar in the east makes an interesting diversion with its cobbled mazes of alleyways and markets. Ethiopia is an extraordinary diverse and unique country with something for everyone - and thirteen months of sunshine guarantee warm weather at any time of the year.

Where to go in Ethiopia

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