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The Middle East and North Africa, unbearably hot for the previous few months, should now be firmly back on the radar for holidays in October. Jordan and Morocco are particular Original Travel favourites, and in the latter, Marrakech has hot (but not unbearably so) days; the Atlas Mountains are beautiful; snow has yet to fall in the foothills, and Essaouira and the coast are still warm enough.

This is also half term time, so the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera, the immaculate family hotels of Oman and the Vegas-on-Sea 'delights' of Dubai are all on the family holiday agenda as well. October is also a wonderful month to sample the culinary delights of India, or explore Bhutan for fascinating festivals, and clear views of the mountains.

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Autumn approaches, migrating birds head for warmer climes, and the Middle East and Mozambique are rather nice at this time of year.

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