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So many key dates to consider in what is a pretty bleak British month. Valentine’s weekends (and proposals) are increasingly popular and if that all goes according to plan, a few years later you’ll be considering February half term as well.

Holidaying in February is the time to get some much needed winter sun, be that in the Caribbean, Australasia or South Africa. In Thailand, the Christmas throng has long since departed and the temperature has yet to reach the sticky heights of March and April, so the beaches of the mainland and islands such as Phuket combine perfectly with an adventurous few days in the mountainous Chiang Mai region in the north.

Back in Europe, the Northern Lights are best during February in Sweden and Norway, and the Canaries and Madeira offer short haul sun solutions. Speaking of the Canaries, February sees the bonkers Santa Cruz Carnival in Tenerife, the second largest carnival in the world after that in Rio.

Our favourites for February

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