Rwanda at a glance

After a decade of turbulence and unrest, Rwanda is once again on many travellers’ radars. Rwandan residents are keen to show visitors just how wonderful their little landlocked country is. ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’, as it is known, is home to hidden human treasures and a wealth of natural wonders, with the famed gorillas being at the top of many bucket lists. The country’s seemingly endless, majestic mountains are particularly spectacular in the northwest; the Virunga volcanoes are blanketed with a carpet of bright bamboo which just happens to be home to some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. These lung-busting inclines present the ultimate backdrop for keen hikers and explorers who want a taste of adventure as well as those interested in contributing to the conservation project that keeps the area alive.
For those who aren’t afraid of heights, head to Nyungwe National Park, a hotbed for biodiversity, and meander along the canopy walkways that provide bird’s-eye views of the ancient treetops and wildlife below. Although Rwanda’s wilderness has the spotlight, its culture and traditions are not to be left behind. From traditional Intore dancing to Umuanda, the coming together to aid conservation, Rwanda is brimming with fascinating cultural heritage that makes a Rwandan adventure extra special.
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