The vibrant Caribbean island of Jamaica is (unsurprisingly) blessed with a tropical climate and warm year-round temperatures. These balmy climes lend themselves to the country’s colourful nightlife and melodic dancehall scene, with exquisite beaches and jungle-dressed mountains acting as a backdrop. Yet (unfortunately), this heat is sometimes accompanied by sudden showers as the island experiences two distinct seasons; wet and dry. Read on to find out more about the best time to visit Jamaica…

High (& Dry) Season: December to March

Widely regarded as the best time to visit Jamaica, you can expect warm, sunny days and minimal rainfall from December to March. Escape the less desirable climate of winter in the UK and retreat to one of the island’s sublime beaches for a much-needed dose of vitamin D. With this perfect weather comes crowds of like-minded travellers, so it makes sense that prices are also at their peak during these months. Between January and April, Jamaica Carnival sees the island transform into a flurry of colour, music, dance and food – this is prime time for party-goers.

Shoulder Season: April to May

Shoulder season is the sweet spot for Jamaica holidays; the wet season hasn’t yet hit, so the weather remains relatively dry, and the winter sun-seekers have cleared out, meaning fewer visitors and lower prices. This is the time to visit if you prefer your beaches less crowded, although bear in mind when Easter school holidays fall as this can bring spring break revellers. Rainfall beings to ramp up in May, however showers do tend to pass fairly quickly so you should be able to still enjoy some beach time.

Low (& Wet) Season: June to November

Jamaica’s wet season falls between June and November, even though temperatures are at their highest between June and August. June to November is also classified as hurricane season and while Jamaica is less at risk than the more northerly Caribbean islands, it’s worth checking weather warnings if visiting at this time of year. The north-east winds have an effect on Jamaica’s rainfall, hence between September and November the island’s rainfall is at its peak. Yet, every cloud has a silver lining as they say, and with Jamaica’s dry season falling during UK winter, the Caribbean isle is an ideal winter sun destination. Despite the not-quite-perfect weather, the island hosts a number of events during this time. Music fanatics should check out Reggae Sumfest in July, Jamaica’s biggest music festival, which sees the best reggae and dancehall artists from all over the world gathering in Montego Bay.

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