Grenada at a glance

If a laid-back tropical island is what you’re looking for, then Grenada is the place for you. Sprinkled with a smattering of idyllic sandy beaches and verdant green hills, Grenada is a tropical haven and has been a spice hub for decades, earning it the nickname of ‘Spice Island’. The sweet smell of nutmeg and cinnamon often swirls around on the balmy breeze, leaving visitors feeling as though they have been transported back into Grenada’s spice producing past. If soft-sandy expanses are what you’re, then head to the southwest of the island where you will be able to revel in the easy-going atmosphere of this pretty island. If you want a break from the beaches, head for the hills in the island’s centre for a taste of lush mountain inclines and tropical plant-filled valleys,
or venture to bustling St George’s, one of the region's most attractive capitals which is brimming with red-roofed shops and postcard-pretty houses dotting the hillside of an old volcanic crater. The whole island boasts seemingly endless natural wonders from mist-billowing waterfalls and hikeable rainforests to snappable spice plantations and snorkelling hotspots. Grenada will guarantee you a low-key holiday with memories to last a lifetime.
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