The best time to visit Grenada depends on the type of holidaying experience you’re after. Many flock to the island to enjoy the tropical climate from June to December, while those looking for less rainfall and a drier climate tend to opt for the months of January to May. Tropical showers are brief at this time of year and are usually followed by bright sunshine for the remainder of the day. In general, though, you can expect to experience warm temperatures throughout the year, with cooling winds and average highs of around 29°C to 30°C, making the best time to visit Grenada essentially all year round. Sign us up!

Enjoy the Heat of June to December

The months between June and December will provide plenty of toasty days, with average temperatures are in the high 20s, but you can also expect more rainfall and humidity during this time. Thankfully, the tropical rainfall is often fleeting, with the average annual rainfall fluctuating between 1,500-2,000 mm along the coasts and between 3,800-5,000 mm in the more mountainous areas. Either way, the sun will likely break through and shine, with the promise of heat and warmth. It’s important to be mindful that June to November is considered hurricane season, although the island of Grenada is at the southern end of the hurricane belt which means it’s seldom hit by any.

Embrace the Dry Season of January to May

The tropical paradise of Grenada continues to prove popular with tourists in its dry season, as many flock to its sandy shores and warm waters from between January to May. You can expect less rainfall and comfortable temperatures perfect for lounging or island exploring.

Make the Most of the Balmy Sea Temperatures

Keen swimmers and water lovers will be pleased to know that the sea temperature are pleasant year round, with temperatures reaching 26°C in January and February and an even warmer 28°C between July and November.

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