Bolivia at a glance

In Bolivia you hit the heights from the very beginning. La Paz, at an altitude of over 13,000ft, is the highest capital in the world. Go higher still, in the Cordilleras, and you can climb a near 20,000ft peak without mountaineering. Discover Aymara culture. Then head towards Lake Titicaca, all the while appreciating blazing sunsets and help you understand the fascination the Incas had for this place - in a way their heaven on Earth. Continue this journey of the peaks, following an itinerary among landscapes from another world, filled with geysers and fumaroles, lakes with improbable colors, guarded by colonies of vivid pink flamingos. In the heart of the salt desert of Uyuni, a dead flat grid of white polygons graphics, reach cactus-covered Fisherman's Island, the only colourful spot for miles around.
Take the infamous ‘Road of Death’ (safely, mind), and in a few hours, go from an altitude of 13,000ft to sea level, from the arid climate of the Altiplano to the humidity of the Amazon. Follow your guide through the pampas, meeting anacondas, caimans, and comedic capibaras. Prepare your trip to this truly original country of extremes by consulting our Bolivia travel guide.
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