Time Difference

Anguilla is five hours behind the UK (GMT) and does not observe daylight saving time, so the clocks do not change seasonally. 


The Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD) is the currency in Anguilla. ATM machines are available at all banks and major credit cards are accepted at most hotels, car rental companies and shops. Many establishments will accept payment in US dollars. Banking hours are Monday to Thursday from 8am to 2pm and Fridays from 8am to 4pm. 


Standard voltage is 110 and plug types A and B are used. We recommend bringing US-style adapters for all of your devices.

Shops and Amenities

As a general rule, merchants open from 8am until 5pm Monday to Saturday. A few shops open on Sundays. Grocery stores are generally open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and Sunday from 9am to noon. 


The Anguillan Newspaper is the leading newspaper in Anguilla. Radio Anguilla is the main radio station. 


Post from and to the UK will take approximately two to four days for express shipment, and five to eight days for economy.  


To call the United Kingdom from Anguilla, dial: 011 - 44 - area code – and a landline number, or 011 - 44 – plus a mobile number. To make a call from the UK to Anguilla, dial: 00 - 1 – 264 – and a landline number or 00 - 1 – plus a mobile number. 

Internet and Mobile Coverage 

Anguilla has two mobile operators offering prepaid services: Digicel Anguilla and Flow Anguilla. Internet coverage is good in Anguilla.  

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