Where To Stay Around Lake Atitlan

Where To Stay Around Lake Atitlan

Hotel Atitlan

The welcoming rooms in this converted family coffee farm are individually decorated with traditional Guatemalan textiles and furniture.

Each bathroom boasts ceramic tile floors and marble walls, along with hand-crafted frames for the large mirrors. All of the bedrooms have private balconies, making the most of their privilaged position overlooking the lake.

The hotel has a good restaurant, bar and terrace, and the large garden is home to many exotic birds as well as a swimming pool that overlooks the volcanoes.

Why We Love It

Much of the hotel was designed by the owner.


Casa Palopó

90 miles from Guatemala City, Casa Palopó is a beautiful villa built on the hills surrounding Santa Catarina Palopó village, on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Each suite is furnished cozily and even the bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, plus private sun decks. The rooms are all individually decorated, each painted in bright colors and containting grand furniture that reflects Guatemala's Mayan heritage.

Casa Palopó has a luxurious lounge with an open fireplace, a gourmet restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, a small swimming pool and a gym. In addition, there is a fully stocked bar and varied wine list and massage treatments are available in the bedrooms.

Why We Love It

The location is superb and means that all rooms have beautiful views overlooking the lake and its three volcanoes.