Serenity in Guatemala: Lake Atitlan

Serenity in Guatemala: Lake Atitlan

One of the most serene places I've ever been...


Awesome backdrop of volcanoes

One of the most serene places I've ever been. Lake Atitlan was formed many years ago (84,000 according to Wikipedia) after a volcanic eruption, and is surrounded by three other volcanoes and a backdrop of mountains. The lake feels immense. I stayed in one of the villages perched up on the side, called Panajachel. We took a boat for the day which stopped at three villages around the lake, San Pedro, San Antonio, and San Augustino. Set against this awesome backdrop of volcanoes, were tiny little cobbled streets and VERY steep hills.


Bustling cobbled back streets

We pottered around each village and explored all the tiny cobbled back streets bustling with brightly clothed women and cheeky children bouncing around our sides. My favourite moment was after we'd weaved our way out of the steep winding side streets and found a perch overlooking the town of San Pedro with all the women washing cloths and joking around below us - looking out at the awesome scenery of the volcanoes against the mountains and with the slightly surreal element of a little boy drumming furiously, and yet in perfect rhythm, with our Vietnamese bongo! Bizarre mix. Contact us