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What’s Hot (and What’s Not) in Travel Right Now

What’s Hot (and What’s Not) in Travel Right Now

The world of travel is ever-changing, and this statement has never been more true than in the past two years. While we’re pleased to report that travel has been steadily returning to something resembling normality in recent months, this means that there are constantly new trends and changes to stay on top of. Luckily, when it comes to deciphering travel trends and figuring out which are worth paying attention to, the Original Travel team have their fingers firmly on the pulse. If you’re hoping to stay ahead of the curve, then read on to find out what’s hot, and what’s not, in travel right now.


What’s Hot:


The Alps in Summer

Our continental cousins know that mountain highs are not just for Christmas and Easter, and it’s time the Brits twigged it too. Towering above the border between Switzerland, France and Italy (among others), these stunning snow-capped summits promise action-packed and picturesque getaways at any time of the year. With smaller crowds and equally exciting activities, the Alps in summer is a secret we’re more than happy to spill.


Night Trains

The sleeper train is back, with routes being revamped across Europe. At Original Travel, we’re big advocates for slow travel, and in our opinion, swapping a plane for a train is one of the best ways to honour this concept. Go to sleep in Paris and wake up in Nice – nice.


Train in station


Niche Diving

Ditch your standard scuba diving. It’s all about rebreather, nitrox, sidemount and flouro diving now. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms (or a beginner diver wondering where to start), our experts at Original Diving are ready, willing and able to educate you about all of the recent underwater trends.


Micro Hotels

If you’re one for burning the candle at both ends then a) we salute you, and b) you’ll only need a micro hotel, where the public areas are glorious, but the bedrooms are, well, micro. With pint-sized pads popping up all over the world, from Dublin to Japan, these are worth considering if all you’re after is a place to rest your head.



That warm and fuzzy feeling from knowing you’ve booked a trip well in advance and can enjoy day-dreaming about it for months. Day-dreaming about travel may have been our only option for large parts of the past two years, however now that it’s once again becoming reality, the ‘anticication’ is so much more satisfying.


What’s Not:



Unless of course it involves the animals roaming free and the humans behind ‘bars’ as in the visionary Bill Bensley’s World-Wild, slated to open in China in 2023. As avid-animal lovers, we’re strong advocates for experiencing wildlife in their natural habitat.


Getting Lost

With so much to do and see on holiday, the last thing you want is to waste time trying to figure out your whereabouts. Install the What3Words app and you can tell your location to the nearest 3m², so we can help guide you into the best rug stall in a labyrinthine souq.


Performative Gastronomy

Immersing yourself in the culinary traditions of another culture and indulging in authentic fare is one of the best things about travelling to a new place. But in this case, we’re looking at you, Salt Bae, and your swan’s neck salt sprinkling (check out YouTube). Complete the sentence: ‘A fool and his money...’


Revenge Travel

We completely understand the long-standing frustration with being unable to travel, although the premise of getting ‘revenge’ on covid feels rather unseemly. Rather, let’s all just make up for lost time and start ticking some dream destinations off our bucket-lists.



Slowly but surely we are returning to a world of normal travel and while this can’t come fast enough, there is plenty of required ‘travmin’ (that’s travel admin) that comes along with it. Our travel experts are on hand to take care of the finer details of your trip, although sadly they still can’t help you with that pesky 100ml liquid limit in your hand luggage…


People in airport


What Should Be Better Known:



In the ever-growing pool of podcasts, one that we particularly love is Better Known, where each week host Ivan Wise asks someone to name six things they think should be, well, better known. In honour of the format’s simplicity, we’re celebrating somewhere that currently flies beneath the radar but should be firmly on it. Guyana, a country on the north coast of South America, is roughly the same size as the UK but with a population of around 800,000. Forge deep into pristine tropical forests with indigenous guides to appreciate some of the planet’s highest biodiversity, stay in community-run jungle lodges and wander around multi-cultural Georgetown.


Waterfall in Guyana