We Support the Nyumbani Charity

We Support the Nyumbani Charity

Nyumbani aims to help abandoned children and orphans infected with HIV in Kenya.


What Nyumbani does...

Kenya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa but, while on an exciting safari or soaking up on the sun on one of Kenya's idyllic beaches, few think of a less picturesque side of the country. It's estimated that there are 1.6 million people living with HIV in Kenya and nearly 1.1 million children living as orphans as a result of AIDS - many of whom have been infected themselves, the virus passed on to them from their mothers. The Nyumbani Charity aims to help abandoned children and orphans infected with HIV in Kenya. The Nyumbani children's home in Nairobi cares for a 100 HIV infected orphans. The home provides shelter, medical and psychological care and education for the children in a wonderfully, loving environment.

The charity also runs an outreach program in one of the largest slums in Africa, Kibera, helping a further 3,000 HIV affected children.

Nyumbani has also has established an unique, self-sustaining village, three hours outside Nairobi which provides care and homes to over a thousand orphaned children who are looked after by elders or 'grannies' - the older generation which has also been left destitute by the loss of their own children to Aids. In other words, Nyumbani Village is fulfilling a unique role, filling the gap left by the lost middle generation which has been wiped out by the HIV pandemic. The children are brought up in a rural, family, setting, but with all the holistic support of a dedicated team working in the village. At the very centre of village life is the Hotcourses Primary and the Lawson High School. Nyumbani UK focuses on trying to pull children out of poverty and giving them a future through education. Any donation - large or small goes directly to the children themselves, whether they be in the Chidren's home, the slums of Nairobi or Nyumbani Village. To find out more about our work please visit our website or watch a short video about the project, here: