Top 10 Tips for Planning a Luxury Honeymoon

Top 10 Tips for Planning a Luxury Honeymoon

We all have that one best friend who's always at the end of the phone armed with words of wisdom. When it comes to luxury honeymoons we like to think we're 34 friends rolled into one! Over the past ten years Original Travel have helped hundreds of happy couples. In honour, our top ten tips for planning a honeymoon


1. It's good to be different

Difference of opinion? Don't be put off if you and your partner's honeymoon destination ideas aren't a matching blue print. This is totally normal. (I can feel tense shoulders relaxing already). Our honeymoon planners are excellent mediators; we can piece together the most original of itineraries that swing between the wild outdoors one day and deep relaxation the next. Phew!


2. Set the pace

'Marriage is the beginning of a lifelong adventure'. Excuse the cliché but remember that a honeymoon isn't a race. You may be spending up to 3 or more weeks away but too many transfers and internal flights can be daunting. Save the hightailing destination hopping for future trips. Two or three destinations will be plenty.


3. Budget first

Before you start replaying images of a private island reached only by super yacht, complete with resident harpist and a tree top canopy suite, hit the pause button. Try and lock down a honeymoon budget. This will really help manage expectations and we won't leave you short on inspiration.


4. Honeymoon VIP

It might seem like an obvious thing to do but don't forget to tell whoever plans your honeymoon that it is just that. Our team have excellent connections around the world to ensure you get the upgrades you deserve. Our honeymoon gift lists are also an excellent way of adding special activities to your trip.


5. Don't rush!

Romantic visions of being swept away to the airport before your feet can touch the ground? In reality you will be 100% more exhausted than you expected. Get some rest, even if it's just a day, before heading off on honeymoon.


6. Booking business class...

...isn't a necessity if your budget has reached its peak. Memories of vast leg room will vanish far more quickly than those extra nights of blissful sundowners.


7. Pack before the wedding

Girls, I think we'll have this covered. However, a gentle reminder to those husbands-to-be might be needed. Grooms: you've been warned.


8. Adventure to the (relative) unknown

Go somewhere completely new to both of you and discover it together.


9. Recharge, discover, rest

The secret formula. Regain your energy post-wedding, but don't forget a few days R&R at the end of the honeymoon too. You'll want to delay the return to reality for as long as possible! Leaving room for the juicy bit in the middle...


10. A luxury crescendo

If you're budget-savvy, save the best accommodation until last; the other way round and you'll always be harking back to day one.

And what if your dream honeymoon is being kept a top secret by your partner? Nick, one of our founders, did exactly that! Read his step-by-step guide on how to keep all- things-honeymoon strictly confidential here.

Hopefully that will have whetted your appetite to all the exciting possibilities, now go and take a look at some of the fantastic honeymoon destinations we offer.