Things to do in Jaipur

Things to do in Jaipur

Varying shades of blush hues coat the buildings of India’s ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, as kaleidoscopic streets filled with bustling bazaars, welcoming locals and vivid colours form the city that makes up one of the three corners of the Golden Triangle (the other two being Delhi and Agra). As the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur sees ancient history and the modern innovations of a rising metropolis intertwine, luring keen travellers with the promise of architectural feats, intricate mosaic-clad palaces and heart-and-soul-rekindling dishes (with copious amounts of fresh spices and love) found around every twisting fast-paced street. With so much to see and experience it can be hard to know where to begin your explorations, which is why we’ve comprised a list of our favourite things to do in Jaipur to ensure you make the most of your epic trip here.


  1. Tuck into Traditional Rajasthani dishes
  2. Dine with Elephants at Dera Amer
  3. Tour the City Palace and Jaipur Observatory
  4. Discover the Crafts of Jaipur
  5. Cook up a Storm at DeraMandawa
  6. Pedal through Jaipur



Tuck into Traditional Rajasthani dishes

Before embarking on a sightseeing-rich adventure around the ‘Pink City’, rumbling stomachs and parched throats must be quenched, and where better to remedy the hunger than in this mecca for culinary enthusiasts. Jaipur is a place where the wonderous Rajasthani cuisines are as vibrant and enticing as the city itself, with pockets of hot and sizzling street food around every corner and high-end dining served on rooftops throughout the city. There’s no shortage of things to do in Jaipur, or rather things to eat. Whether it’s a fine dining experience at Handi, dubbed the ‘Best North Indian Food Restaurant’, where ordering the Handi meat (soft chunks of mutton slow cooked for hours on charcoal, before being coated in a rich red sauce laced with a generous amount of chili powder) is a must. Or enjoying the twinkling al fresco veggie lover's paradise of RJ 14, where some of the best South Indian dishes can be sampled. You’ll be left feeling sufficiently full, knowing every meal has been lovingly prepared.


Dine with Elephants at Dera Amer

The blush pinks of Jaipur's cityscape paint the horizon as you journey outwards towards the thickly forested hills and valleys carved out by the ancient Aravali Mountains. This is one of those extra special things to do in Jaipur that can’t be missed. Elephants await, as we can offer an ethical interaction and experience unlike any other. You can help to bathe one of the largest existing land animals as they playfully splash in their mud baths, before accompanying them on their journey padding through the Aravali forests surrounding the Dera Amer Camp and following a route through villages, agricultural fields, hills and ancient monuments. End at a secluded dining spot, where lanterns, candles and dinner wait under the blanket of the night sky. This stretch of land has been lovingly restored to its state of untouched natural beauty by the Singh family, through their ongoing commitments to the environment and surrounding local community, and is a must for those looking to experience the wild untamed beauty of India with the added bonus of the graceful giants (elephants) on route.

Elephant in forest


Tour the City Palace and Jaipur Observatory

Find yourself transfixed by the splendour of Jaipur’s City Palace, with a transportive grandeur capable of whisking travellers back to the Rajput era. It’s a symbol of royal regency with countless quarters to explore, from well-manicured courtyards surrounded by red and pink sandstone arches to museums filled with paintings depicting the old city of Jaipur, intricate floral carvings and ornate mirror embellishments. Then journey to the Jaipur Observatory, an astronomical observation site built in the early 18th century. These monumental masonry and metal instruments stand tall outside the City Palace, found within the walls of the original city. Keen explorers can experience the spellbinding quality that both architectural feats evoke with an organised private tour, detailing the rich history and stylistic choices made throughout the spans of centuries that these structures have weathered. Both of these sites are a must on the list of things to do in Jaipur as they provide a deeper historical and cultural understanding of the makeup of this fascinating city.


Discover the Crafts of Jaipur

Another addition to the already extensive list of things to do in Jaipur is one that sees curious travellers feel part of the electric energy that radiates through the Rajasthani capital. This buzz is largely thanks to the Jaipur craftspeople, who inhabit what is now considered to be the artisanal capital of India. These talented makers pass their traditions and skilful methods down through the generations. Producing countless popular items in the process, from fine linens and brightly coloured gemstones to decorative wool stoles. Now (with the help of an English-speaking guide) you can immerse yourself into the Pink City’s creative flair, with a walking tour that enables you to see the workshops of many skilled artisans, including jewellers, goldsmiths, gold leaf makers and weavers as they produce authentic Jaipurian products that have served a use for centuries.

hand holding jewelry

Guenter Guni


Cook up a Storm at DeraMandawa

Switch up your souvenir shopping when touring Jaipur and leave the classic fridge magnets and shot glasses behind, as you opt for something a little different on your return from travelling. Instead, whip up a storm in the kitchen with a cooking class and meal (sampling the fruits of your labour) at DeraMandawa, where demonstrations are conducted by Shrimati Usha Kumari, the matriarch of the Mandawa family. When back from holidaying you can share stories of your Jaipur adventure over a home-cooked, authentic and easy Rajasthani recipe taught to you by the talented cook and flavour master Shrimati Usha Kumari. Her ability to help everyone from novice cooks to keen culinary adventurers ensures all travellers can capture the flavourful history of the city. Blending aromatic spices, fresh ingredients and more, she brings age-old recipes to a modern audience and palate. Perfect for those looking to experience the foodie culture that’s deeply woven into the fabric of Jaipur.


Pedal through Jaipur

Beat the lazy, hazy midday heat and crowds of Jaipur and opt to see the city from a different angle as you pedal your way through the maze of streets in the morning light. Bike as the city awakens and skip traffic queues, snaking your way breezily around landmark after landmark. This is a tour that combines a cultural connection with breath-taking architecture, top foodie spots and friendly faces. Along the way, you can stop to take in the splendours of the Albert Hall Museum, Hawa Mahal, Govind Devji Temple and more as you cover some serious ground. Of all the things to do in Jaipur, this activity can provide the perspective needed to fully immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of this vibrant city, and is certainly not one to miss when journeying here.

View of Jaipur