Research Report: Izzy’s Trip to Sardinia

Research Report: Izzy’s Trip to Sardinia

Sardinia is a land of bold flavours, bright colours and breathtaking landscapes. Our lucky Europe specialist, Izzy, got to experience all this and more on a recent two-week research trip to the island. From making traditional culurgiones pasta by hand to admiring the murals in Orgosolo, read on for the inside scoop on how to experience Sardinia at its best.


Where did you visit?

Where didn’t I visit! Although I spent a lot of my two weeks exploring Sardinia’s beautiful beaches, there’s so much more to the island than its coastline. Inland, I visited the mountain region and the super cool cities of Cagliari, the island’s southern capital, and Alghero in the northwest.


What were your highlights?

The authentic Sardinian experiences were real highlights for me. First was the cooking class, where I tried my hand at making culurgiones, a traditional stuffed pasta dish. You really can’t beat freshly made Italian food! The next was a boat trip to La Maddalena, a gorgeous archipelago home to heavenly beaches that, in my opinion, rival those of the Seychelles.

Image by Izzy Whitely.


What made your trip special?

My Concierge, Sonia, was absolutely incredible. She answered all my questions, checked in on me every day and really got to know me. Her recommendations for hidden beaches and restaurants really elevated my trip.


Did you learn about any hidden gems?

Yes – Orgosolo, the little village in the middle of the island. It’s known for its murals, and there are around 150 scattered around. They were first painted in the 1960s as a form of political painting to express anger at the government, but now resemble a form of urban decor.

Image by Chloe Ruffin.


What’s your favourite thing you ate?

Sardinia has shepherding roots, so the island's meat dishes are amazing. I particularly loved the wild boar (which there was an abundance of) paired with freshly made pasta. The flavour was distinctly rich, gamey and irresistible.


What’s one thing that can’t be missed?

Despite being the capital city, Cagliari is often missed from people’s itineraries, but it shouldn’t be! The old town is beautiful, the dining scene is diverse, the nightlife is lively, and it’s a fabulous launchpad to start your trip.


Did anything surprise you about the destination?

I know everyone always says this, but Sardinians are genuinely some of the most hospitable and friendly people I’ve encountered. They’re all so kind and want to go above and beyond to show you as much of their beautiful island as possible.


What’s a top tip you’d give to clients?

Sardinia is so much more than a beach destination, so I’d recommend staying in a few places while visiting. Try a mix of coast, city and mountains... you won’t be disappointed!

Image by Izzy Whitely.


Header Image by Aliosha Boy.