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Our Favourite Wellbeing Holidays

Our Favourite Wellbeing Holidays

Wellbeing holidays can mean something different to each of us. Maybe it's a stay in a serene beach resort that leaves you feeling perfectly pampered or a getaway in nature that gives you the chance to unwind and disconnect. Perhaps it's a glamorous getaway for one that you've been craving or a tranquil trip with your other half. Or maybe you've not found your own style of serenity yet and need some help. Let us do the honours. Read on for a roundup of our favourite wellbeing holidays...


Seek Serenity in Japan

If you're in desperate need of some rest and relaxation, Japan is the perfect place. Bathe in natural mineral-rich waters at a luxury onsen (hot springs) resort for the ultimate wellness experience that will leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed. And don't miss the chance to stay in a traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) to round off your wellbeing holidays. From the serene tatami matted rooms to the delicious multi-course meals, serenity is all but guaranteed.


Become a Yogi in the Himalayas

Wellness and yoga are a match made in heaven (after all, it's hard not to feel like your best self when you've had a good stretch and discovered your inner child with a happy baby pose or two). For a truly unforgettable yoga retreat, venture into the Himalayan foothills of Northern India for a stay in a Maharaja's Palace where a team of yoga instructors, nutritionists and therapists will transform you into the yogi you've always aspired to be.


Devour Delicacies Across Northern Italy

While indulging in creamy pasta and perfectly prepared pizza isn't exactly healthy, it sure is good for the soul. On a trip around Northern Italy, treat your tastebuds to some seriously fabulous food and wine from a hearty meal in a rifugio (mountain hut) after a long day of hiking in the beautiful Dolomites mountains to a pasta making class with a local chef in the pretty lakeside town of Bellagio.


Get Back to Nature in New Zealand

If it's a hit of health and fitness you're after on your wellbeing holidays, an adventure in the wildernesses of New Zealand is sure to do the trick. If you've got some time to spare, go all out on a wellness sabbatical and challenge yourself to one of the Great Walks - the best-of-the-best hiking trails that showcase the country's most magnificent and iconic landscapes. Top off your trip with some fresh seasonal food and plenty of good wine (you've earned it!) and you'll return home with a glow of good health.


De-Stress in Namibia

There's nothing like a spot of stargazing to bring your stress levels down. If the light pollution in the city is dampening the experience, travel to Namibia for a truly magical stay in The Namib Rand International Sky Reserve. By day, enjoy sweet solitude on nature walks through the desert and then come night, marvel at the sheer magnitude of the night sky as you lie beneath an ocean of stars.