Our Favourite Places to See in Paris

Our Favourite Places to See in Paris

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, synonymous with love, food and fashion – aka all the best things in life. The city has been at the heart of countless films, novels and television shows, from Baz Luhrmann’s heartbreaking Moulin Rouge to the hilarious (if slightly cringey) television show Emily in Paris. But if, like Emily, you find yourself a little daunted when you finally step onto Parisian soil, we’re here to help. This list of our favourite places to see in Paris should help you to plan your parfait Parisian break. Just remember to heed Emily’s wise words as you make your way through this big and beautiful city: ‘A little “bonjour” goes a long way.’


  1. The View from the Eiffel Tower
  2. The Sloping Streets of Montmartre
  3. The City’s Secret Gardens
  4. The Iconic Louvre
  5. The Oldest Pâtisserie in Paris


The View from the Eiffel Tower

What would a list of places to see in Paris be without a mention of one of the world’s most iconic landmarks? The Eiffel Tower was built between 1887 and 1889 and is the most visited tourist attraction with an entry fee in the entire world (très impressive). The tower was built in 1889 for the Exposition Universelle to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, and surprisingly it wasn’t too popular at first. Soon enough, however, everyone from Parisians to tourists fell under its sparkling spell. Standing tall and proud at 1,083ft, this mesmerising monument is visible from all over the city and is particularly magical at night when it glitters in the darkness for five minutes every hour. Head to its very top (with queue jumping tickets, no less) for unparalleled views across the city, as well as to learn about the history and construction of this fascinating structure. If you feel like splashing out, the Michelin-starred Jules Verne restaurant offers a truly special experience with a meal that’s worthy of the view.

Montmartre, Paris


The Sloping Streets of Montmartre

Perched on a hill of the same name in the 18th arrondissement, this historic neighbourhood is the ultimate encapsulation of Parisian charm. During the Belle Époque era, it became a hub for musicians and artists including Picasso, Van Gogh and Erik Satie, and this intrinsic creativity lives on in the form of painters and sketchers who crowd the lively Place du Tertre square in the heart of the neighbourhood. Montmartre’s cobbled streets are lined with cafés where you can sip coffee or rich hot chocolate and watch the world go by after browsing colourful canvases, wandering through the Museum of Romance or taking in Montmartre’s most famous attraction: the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, which stands at the highest point in Paris. Soak up the view across the city to the sound of street musicians, birdsong and the atmospheric buzz of this must-see Parisian destination.


The City’s Secret Gardens

Paris may be a bustling metropolis with over 6,000 streets, but it has a secret. Concealed along unassuming side streets and set into tall brick walls are the entrances to the city’s many hidden gardens. Step inside these havens of peace to spend a few minutes or hours among the flowers, orchards and green spaces, a welcome escape from what can at times be an overwhelming city. One of our favourites is Jardin Catherine-Labouré: a tranquil garden filled with fruit trees located on rue de Babylone, not far from Les Invalides. Square Roger-Stéphane is another secluded spot, tucked away in the Saint-Germain district and dotted with shady benches. In the heart of Le Marais, Les Jardins des Hôtels D’Assy et de Breteuil is the ultimate romantic hideaway, full of magnificent trees, colourful flowers and even a trickling stream.


The Iconic Louvre

Do you have several weeks to spare? If so, you might just have enough time to look at every single piece of art on display in the Louvre – that’s 35,000 works of art, to be exact. If, however, you’re on a slightly tighter schedule, have no fear. We can organise private tours around this fabulous museum that don’t require you to quit your job and move to Paris for the foreseeable future (though we can’t pretend that this doesn’t sound appealing). Whether you’d like a tour tailored to your interests, a more exclusive experience in some of the lesser-known galleries or a look at the celebrated Mona Lisa, our expert guides can give you the experience you’re after without having to navigate the gallery’s 400 rooms yourself. Even if you’re not an art lover, you simply can’t visit Paris without stopping by to see the iconic glass pyramid and the ornate 17th and 19th-century palace buildings. After all, as the saying goes, Paris is the city of Louvre…

Paris Museum

Image by Nuria Val and Coke Bartrina

The Oldest Pâtisserie in Paris

Last up on the list of our favourite places to see in Paris is perhaps more about tasting than seeing, though the rows and rows of delicate tarts and pastries are certainly a sight for sore eyes. Pâtisserie Stohrer is located in the second arrondissement and has been serving cakes, desserts and baked goods since 1730. This gem was founded by King Louis XV’s pastry chef, Nicholas Stohrer, who is also credited with popularising the famous French dessert baba au rhum (rum baba). Naturally, this makes rum baba a must-try when visiting this charming establishment, but you’ll also face the difficult decision of deciding between things like mille feuille, chocolate eclairs, kougin-amann, macarons and plenty more spectacular treats. Of course, nobody says you have to choose – we won’t tell if you don’t.