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Original Travel Does Top Gear: Our Favourite Road Trips

Original Travel Does Top Gear: Our Favourite Road Trips

Dear Top Gear Producers, we couldn't help but notice that you haven't had much luck in the presenter department in the last year or two. Perhaps it's time for a gear change (see what we did there?) and we are officially throwing our hats in the ring. Here's the pitch: fewer of the aforementioned pesky presenters, more switch-back turns, sweeping coastal roads, cross-country highways and epic scenery. Yep, let's make Top Gear one giant, worldwide road trip. A luxury road trip no less with the team here at Original Travel sharing the inside track (sorry, can't help it) on all the very best hotels to stay at along the way. Genius, we think you'll agree. And as if you needed any more convincing, here are a few of our favourite road trips to whet your appetite.

Best wishes,

The Original Travel Team (aka the new Top Gear Team)



We've jumped straight in with a biggie here - the quintessential west coast US road trip. Think classic convertible car, Bruce Springsteen crooning over the sound system and varied scenery through the likes of Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Santa Barbara and along arguably one of the most iconic roads in the world, Route 1.



Italy: home of pasta, gelato, espresso and, how to put this, 'erratic' drivers. Our favourite Italian road trip takes in not only the aforementioned epicurean delights (and hopefully not so much of the erratic drivers) but some of the country's most beautiful landscapes, from the dramatic hills of the Italian Lakes to the towering peaks of the Dolomites and down to the floating city of Venice (no car needed for that last part, obvs).


New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of epic (and finally hobbit-free) scenery, culinary delights, fantastic wine and, of course, more adrenaline-fuelled activities than pretty much anywhere else on the planet. Add to that some truly top class hotels and excellent roads and you've got the full road trip package.



If you're in the market for a road trip jam-packed with adventure without having to fly half way across the world, Norway is the destination for you. Norway is essentially a celebration of the great outdoors and during this road trip you'll take in a fiesta of fjords, quirky hotels and some invigorating activities, from biking and walking to kayaking.



O Canada! Home of vast mountain ranges, lakes the size of seas, ancient forests and dramatic coastline... not quite how the song goes, but stay with us. Our recommended Canadian road trip is an 810-mile, 12 day expedition taking in its dramatic landscapes, buzzing cities and amazing wildlife.